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About Training & Prices





Training & Prices

Current courses



Available Courses

Training is offered in Tarot and Astrology both face to face and online. Due to the current situation, only online courses are currently available. Half day Introductions to both subjects are also available. These can be taken separately or at a reduced rate for both in one day.

Tuition can be in one or two day Workshops or weekly classes.

The following apply once current restrictions are lifted.

You can have your choice of location (within certain areas only except by special arrangement). Scheduled courses and introduction sessions are normally held at our place in Berkhamsted which is easily reached both by car and by British Rail from Euston. On-line and paper maps can be provided - just ask. You can contact me at

However, you can have reduced price tuition by hosting Introductions, classes or workshops at your place for you and your friends (minimum of four students including you).

Cost of Training


and Introduction





Full on-line courses are two days but these can be taken separately if required. Each day's training is split into three 2 hour sessions with comfort breaks between each one. Dates are by arrangement.

Courses can be one-to-one or in groups.

One-to-one courses

Single day

Both days


£ 70.00


Group courses

Single day

Both days


£ 65.00


When current restrictions are lifted, these will revert to being held in Berkhamsted. Workshops cover two days but these can be taken separately if required.

Day one of workshop

Full two day workshop



Half day Introduction courses

One session is 2 hours

Single session

Double (two Half day Introduction sessions on the same day)



£ 30.00



Per week (in 2 hour sessions)

Full course (six weeks)

Prices on application if you wish to host regular weekly or evening classes.

£ 30.00



When current restrictions are lifted you will be able to host a workshop or Introduction session at a place of your choice. This will enable you and your guests to get training at reduced rates. A minimum of 4 people including yourself is necessary.

Workshops at your place for you and three or more friends:

Your cost for one full day

Each of your friends

Your cost for two days

Two days for each of your friends


£ 70.00

£ 90.00


Introduction sessions at your place for you and three or more friends:

Your cost for one session (morning or afternoon)

One session for each of your friends

Your cost for two sessions in one day

Two sessions in one day for each of your friends



£ 35.00

£ 45.00

£ 60.00


Handouts, including help sheets are included in the cost of all courses. For online courses these will be emailed to you on receipt of your course fee.

Additionally after Tarot courses in Berkhamsted, copies of notes made & pictures of your readings emailed to you at no extra charge. Astrology courses include a brief interpretation (in class) of your chosen chart.

OPTIONAL EXTRAS - See below for prices

  • Zoom: Video & audio recording
  • Tarot course: Two information booklets, taster reading, Tarot cards
  • Astrology course: Printed birth chart, published paperback book - Understanding Your Birth Chart (A beginners Guide to Astrology)
  • Introductions: Taster Tarot readings or Astrology chart interpretations
  • Lunch: For all courses and Introduction sessions at our place

Course Times

Start Times

All courses and morning Introduction sessions start at 10.30am. For training held in Berkhamsted, you can arrive at the venue from 10.15am onwards.

Afternoon Introduction sessions start at 2.30pm. For training held in Berkhamsted, you can arrive at the venue from 2.15pm onwards.

Finish Times

  • Courses finish at approximately 5.30pm.
  • Morning Introduction sessions finish at 12.30pm.
  • Afternoon Introduction sessions finish at 4.30pm.

All above may overrun slightly as we sometimes get really involved in readings, interpretations or questions.


There are 10 - 15 minute comfort breaks during both mornings and afternoons of all courses and Introduction sessions.

Lunch is usually about 1pm. For courses in Berkhamsted, we can optionally provide lunch (see below) but you are welcome to bring your own food if you wish.

Prices of Optional Extras



Zoom Video & Audio Recording

Recording of interpretations sent to you after the session has completed.



Tarot Booklets (Two different booklets are available for Tarot courses - an A5 workbook for you to write your own notes during the course and an A6 pocket size reference booklet.)

Student price

Printed booklet

Email .pdf booklet

RRP for non-students

Printed booklet

Email .pdf booklet







Understanding Your Birth Chart: (A beginners Guide to Astrology) This is a published paperback and ebook. Both are available from Amazon for non-students.

Student price

Printed copy

E-book as .pdf






Lunch (a proper meal - not just sandwiches) per person per day 7.50


Taster Reading (available dependant on time) £10.00

Packs of Tarot cards

Prices are according to size as several are available including super-sized for anyone with sight problems.


Price variable

Birth charts

Sent by email

Printed chart

£ 5.00


Taster birth details interpretation (available dependant on time) £10.00

In case you missed it

All readings, whether for Tarot or Astrology, can be done over Zoom. These can be recorded in both audio and video which can be emailed to you after the session. The cost of this is an extra £5.

The price for a full Tarot reading, which takes about an hour, is £45.00. See the Tarot page for prices of other readings.

Astrology chart interpretations usually take about an hour and a half and are charged at £45.00 per hour so will usually cost £67.50. Printed charts are extra depending on the type of paper you want. See the Astrology page for prices of these. Help sheet handouts are included in the price.

All readings in Berkhamsted can be recorded if you wish. You can bring your own voice recorder or we can do it for you. We can supply a memory stick, CD or tape but have to charge for these.

General information

Specific information about individual courses and introduction sessions is shown on the Current Courses page.

I do all of the training currently on offer. However, courses can be organised for topics with which I'm not familiar. If this happens, it will always be done by experts in the relevant field.

My teaching qualification is a Certificate in Further Education (Cert. FE) which is for teaching adults.

I hope to see you sometime for a reading or at one of my courses.



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