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If you're uncertain of the accuracy of Tarot, why not reassure yourself by having a Taster. These can be done over Zoom or by telephone (payment in advance though please).

When current restrictions are no longer in force, Tasters can also be done at psychic fairs or charity venues such as school fund raising events where a Taster is often offered at a reduced rate. Alternatively make a social evening of it and invite a group of your friends to your own home. Reduced rates will apply here too.


I do not presume to have the insight or knowledge of the origins of Tarot. The history of Tarot goes so far back that I am not going to attempt to cover it. Nor will I make any guesses as to when or how this form of divination began. I only know through the feedback I have received that it works.

What I try to do is to give you an insight into Tarot cards deck and their use. Everyone has readings when the time is right. That's just the way it works. (In my soon to be finished book Tarot, You and Me, I've given several examples of readings I've done where this has been proven beyond doubt - at least to me and the person concerned.)

There are many different Tarot decks available. The one I use is the Ryder Waite deck which is one of the most popular.

Experience of working with Tarot cards has shown me that they work but we may not immediately understand what they are telling us. The sometimes bad reputation the cards have earned is not the fault of the cards. It's the fault of negative readers. Sadly many Tarot card readers don't always interpret cards in a positive way. In the hands of the right person, Tarot cards can fulfill the purpose for which they were intended and be used to help people.

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Prices of my readings are at the end of this page. To go directly there please click here.

Read on to find out more about Tarot.

The following is a brief explanation of the Tarot deck followed by some answers to some more commonly asked questions.

The Tarot Deck

There are 78 cards in the Tarot deck, which is divided into two separate sections: the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. You can do readings with just the Major Arcana. However, I use the full deck as I think that doings so gives a fuller picture of the story the cards are telling.

The Major Arcana cards can be considered as the skeleton of a story, whilst the Minor Arcana cards are the flesh covering it.

The Major Arcana

The Major Arcana contains 22 cards, each of which is unique.They are numbered from 0 for The Fool to 21 The World. The sequential progress of the cards of this part of the Tarot deck can be equated to a person's journey through life.

All Major Arcana cards are strong, so it is fair to say that the more of them that there are in a Spread, the more important that reading is to the person concerned - they are at a major point in their life.

The Minor Arcana




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The Minor Arcana contains 56 cards, which are structured in the same way as a regular deck of cards, except there are 14 cards to each suite instead of 13.

The suites correspond to those with which most people are familiar:

  • Wands equate to Clubs
  • Pentacles match with Diamonds
  • Swords are the same as Spades
  • Cups correspond with Hearts.

Reading Tarot Cards

There are many different ways to read Tarot Cards. A certain number of cards are chosen from the deck and the rest are put to one side. Some readers choose the cards themselves, others, including myself, prefer them to be selected by the client (the person for whom the reading is being done.) However, due to the current situation, for readings I do, I will shuffle the cards and will ask the client their preferred way of choosing those to be used for the reading.

Once chosen, the reader will lay the cards out in in whatever way they understand for that type of reading. These layouts are known as Spreads. Different spreads will need differing numbers of cards depending on the reader and the purpose required of that spread.

Do you need to be psychic to read Tarot cards?

I believe psychic ability is a talent which is no different to a talent for art, music or running. But all talents vary from one person to another. Anyone can draw a matchstick man, press the keys on a piano or play a sport or game, but some people are just better at what they do than others.

Whatever level of talent you have, you can always learn more about what you are doing. Tuition, and learning from your lessons, will improve any natural talent you may have, whether it be drawing, playing a musical instrument or a sport or reading Tarot cards.

Will going to a class make you into a Tarot card reader?



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Tuition and learning are only the beginning. What REALLY makes the difference between a talented novice and someone with experience in any discipline, whether it be painting, music, athletics or psychic abilities is practice. When you learn something new you'll only improve by practising what you've learned. Musicians practice scales until they are bored stiff. Artists keep drawing or painting to become aware of perspectives and the way colours change when they mix. Runners keep running to improve their times.

You'll have to practice doing readings as much as possible because the psychic talent also needs to be constantly exercised to improve. (See Naomi & Tarot for the way I did it.) Each reading you do will make you feel more confident as you learn that your readings are accurate. The more readings you do, the more feedback you'll get. And that will give you even more confidence that you can do it. Also, don't just read for people you know. Readings done for strangers are more useful because you know nothing about their backgrounds.

How can you get feedback?

Discuss the cards with the person for whom you're reading.. Don't be afraid to admit you're just learning. Interpreting the meanings of Tarot cards is the same as interpreting a foreign language. The only difference is that this language comprises symbols on cards instead of words. Tell clients that you're an interpreter so you'll discuss the cards with them: You know the language. They know their lives. Together you can work out what the cards are trying to tell you.

How do you get a reliable teacher?

Recommendation is obviously the best way of choosing a reliable teacher. But if you don't know anyone who can give you that advice, ask if your potential teacher would be prepared to give you the names of past students. Anyone who's genuine shouldn't worry about doing that.

Alternatively, go with your 'gut' feeling. Obviously you may be wrong, but everything which happens will be a learning experience.

Do I run classes?

Due to the current situation, classes are only available online through Zoom at present.

Once restrictions are lifted I will resume running in-person weekend Workshops and Introduction sessions. Unless you or a friend wants to host a workshop, tuition is usually held in, or near to, my home in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire.

(See Current Courses for the latest details of what's on offer or Training to find out costs of courses.)

Can you find out more without attending a full workshop?

You can have a half-day Introduction session which will give you more information about Tarot. In this you'll be introduced to the Tarot deck and will see a variety of readings to demonstrate how versatile the cards can be, Again, these are currently only available online.

At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions which may still be bothering you.

With in-person tuition, Tarot and Astrology Introduction sessions are held on the same day. You can attend both for a reduced price. (See Current Courses for the dates and more about these sessions. See Training to find out costs.

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Cost of Readings

Full Tarot readings cost £45.00 and take about an hour.

These are currently only available online.

A first reading usually includeds a Past, Present and Future spread, then your choice of questions, next four weeks or next year predictions or a reading of your own choice.

Zoom is the preferred method for online readings as they can be recorded easily. For in-person readings, two recording options are available - audio tape or digital.

  • You are welcome to bring along your own audio tape or buy one for £1
  • Digital recordings can be made by us or you can use your own recording device
  • Recordings we make can be:
    • transferred to your own memory stick for £4
    • or you can buy a memory stick from us for £6 making a total of £10
    • If you prefer these recordings can be cut to CD or DVD. However, due to the amount of time this takes, the charge for is £15.00.

The normal cost of a Tarot Taster is £12.50.

Tasters for a Tenner are offered for fairs, fetes and charity events. Contact Naomi for more information.

Where can you get a reading?

Readings are currently only available online.

When restrictions are lifted, readings will normally take place at my home in Berkhamsted, Herts. Providing it's not difficult to get to you, if you want to host a group session for a minimum of four people, I can do readings for you and your friends at a venue of your choice.

You can contact me through this link to discuss or make an appointment. Contact Naomi



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