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Astrology and You

What's your star sign?

When you say, for instance, that you are a Leo or a Scorpio, what you are, in fact saying is that the Sun was in the Zodiac sign of Leo or Scorpio at the moment of your birth. The Sun, however, only represents one aspect of your personality, that of your conscious self. It is never the only thing in the sky, so cannot be used to describe you completely.

Each of the other planets has an influence too. For example, the Moon represents your subconscious self and indicates how you react to situations when you're tired or perhaps have had too much too drink. Mercury shows the way your mind works and how you communicate. Venus is the way you relate and harmonise with others. Then there's Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc., each of which influences your life in a different way.

Planets are like characters in a play.
The Zodiac Signs

There are twelve different Zodiac signs, each of which has a different pattern of behaviour associated with it.

Each Zodiac sign is made up of two parts: a quality and an element.

The Zodiac Signs say what their costumes are like.















Lively, sparkly




Birth (Natal) Charts

To give you a full interpretation of the planets and the Zodiac signs in which they are located at the moment and position of your birth, a chart must be drawn up. This is known as your birth, or Natal, chart.

These charts are divided into twelve sections, known as Houses. Each House represents a different area of your life. Each of the planets in the sky will be located in one of the Houses of your chart.

There are several different methods of House division. Although all are accurate, the one I prefer to use is Placidus.

The Houses of the chart are the locations where the drama takes place.

Interpreting your birth chart

Once your chart is drawn, I (or any other Astrologer) would not only look at the planets, the Zodiac signs they are in and their positions within your unique chart, but I would examine the relationships between them. These relationships are known as Aspects.

Your birth chart shows your potential. How you use it is up to you. It is read like an ordnance survey map. The locations of towns and cities in the map can be equated to the positions of the planets in your unique chart. In the same way as the level of the ground can be seen, and the twists and turns of the roads between the towns can be identified, so the talents you have about which you may be unaware can be seen and the challenges you have faced in life can be identified. But in the same way that map readers cannot actually see the ground that they learn about, no interpreter can actually see what you are thinking.

The Astrology About Me section tells you about my beliefs and methods of interpretation.

The Aspects are the dialogue and action. What the story is.
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Want to know more? Read on.

Newspaper Astrology Real Astrology

What is published in newspapers and magazines uses real Astrology but not that much! Journalistic Astrologers write predictions for each of the 12 Zodiac signs. If you were doing this, you would first look at the relationships between all the planets in the sky on a particular day. You may then check these against the movements of the Moon (which takes approximately 22 days to complete one trip round the Earth). The combined effects would then need to be compared to each of the 12 Zodiac signs for predictions to be drawn from the result.

You then compare the result of this to the Zodiac sign of the just one element of your chart - the Sun. Not only are you totally ignoring all the other planets in your chart, your comparison doesn't take into account any relationships those planets may have to your Sun. To give an accurate prediction every planet in the sky needs to be considered in relation to all the planets and other elements of your birth chart. Although one or more of these could be in the same Zodiac sign as your Sun, they could equally be in a different one, so the newspaper prediction cannot affect them all.

Real Astrology uses birth, or natal charts, constructed for individuals. Each chart is unique. No two people, not even twins, can be born at exactly the same time on the same date as well as in the same place. We are all composites of the effects of not only all the planets and their relationships with each other, but also of certain measurable points in the sky which can be calculated using the date and place of birth*. Understanding your own chart helps you understand yourself and others.

A chart drawn using your details is like a map of your life. It shows your strengths and the type of challenges you will get in life which will help you grow and develop. When you get to know your chart you can learn how your natural strengths can help you overcome your challenges.

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OK, so you know your birth chart. What else can Astrology tell you?

Synastry is comparing two or more charts to see how the individuals relate to each other. So if you can't understand why you clash with your mother or father, spouse or partner, son or daughter, boss or employee, your chart can be compared to theirs. Obviously if we are comparing the charts of two adults, both parties must be in agreement.

As a Synastry comparison will refer to elements of birth charts, it is normally only done if the individuals concerned have already had an interpretation of their birth charts.


The planets in the sky are constantly moving and as they do, they will form Aspects (i.e. relationships) with their counterparts in your birth chart. There are also certain points in your birth chart, such as the Ascendant and MidHeaven, which will be explained to you when you have that chart interpreted. The daily movements of the planets will affect these to, so those relationships will also be taken into account.

You can choose when you want to start and end your Transit listing. In this way you could identify what influences were affecting you at some memorable time in the past, or find out forecasts for the future. Transit listings are colour coded and come complete with a symbol and colour key to make reference easier.

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What's on Offer for you?


The normal cost of an Astrology Taster is £12.50

If you're uncertain of the accuracy of Astrology, why not reassure yourself by having a Taster. These can be done on Zoom, over the telephone (payment in advance for both of these though please) or at psychic fairs or charity venues such as school fund raising events where a Taster is often offered at a reduced rate. Alternatively, once restrictions are lifted, make a social evening of it and invite a group of your friends to your own home. Reduced rates will apply here too.

Half-day Introduction sessions are also on offer. More about them below.


As interpretation times vary, the charge is calculated at £45.00 per hour. The approximate time taken to interpret a birth chart is an hour and a half so an average chart interpretation will cost £67.50.

Recording charges and printed charts are extra. See below.

Recording charges

No charge is made for the recording process. Have your interpretation saved to:

* Zoom video & audio £5.00
* New Audio Tape
* CD
* Your own memory stick
* One of our memory sticks

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Do you need a printed chart? No. You don't need to pay for a chart if you don't want a printed one to keep. As long as you give me the details of your birth, I can do the calculations and when using Zoom, do the interpretation from the display of your chart on screen. When meeting in-person, I can use a rough copy of your chart to work from.

What will my interpretation of your chart tell you? Using the information in your chart, I will be able to provide insight into the challenges you may have faced during your life. I will also be able to identify your strengths, some of which you may simply have taken for granted, assuming everyone is the same.

What do you have to tell me? In order to provide your chart information I will need to know the date you were born and your place of birth. The exact time you were born is also needed, but if you're not sure, don't worry. I can use my pendulum to find out the precise moment.

How do I know what to tell you? Experience will enable me to interpret your chart. This is unlike the output of a computer program. Interpretations are normally done face-to-face either on Zoom or in person and you have the option of having your interpretation recorded. For in-person meetings, your recording can be onto audio tape - bring your own tape if you wish, or I can provide a new one. Alternatively you can use your own voice recorder or your interpretation can be digitally recorded to be transferred to a memory stick or CD.

Do you have to be with me when I interpret your chart? Although most people prefer to be with me in-person whilst I interpret their charts, even without current restrictions, it's not always possible. As long as I have the details and can draw up your chart, I can either do your interpretation virtually on Zoom or record the interpretation (see box on the left for methods and charges) and send it to you with or without a printed chart as you prefer. I've done many remote charts and all clients have been delighted. (References from previous clients are available if required.)

Is there anything else you should know? If we meet in-person, I strongly advise having a recording made of your interpretation as very few of us have memories which are accurate enough to remember everything that will be covered. Similarly, if your chart is done remotely through Zoom, the interpretation will make more sense if you have a video recording or printed chart to refer to. I always provide additional Help sheets when an interpretation is accompanied by a Zoom recording or printed chart so that you will be able to identify the zodiac and planet symbols.

If you decide not to buy your chart when you have your interpretation, you will be given a voucher for £2.50 which can be deducted from the cost of a chart if you decide you want one in the future.

No two birth charts are the same so Astrology charts make truly unique presents. You can buy vouchers to go with printed charts to cover the cost of interpretation, making this an ideal gift for a special occasion. See below for more information.


Computer files

Chart as a computer file. (Ask about formats)

Computer printed chart
* on A4 paper
* on A4 card
* A4 Laminated
(Many different colours available)
Charts with a difference
* Printed on specialist paper
* scrolled with ribbon & seal
* Hand drawn on Parchment
* Made into a greetings card**
  (Ideal for congratulations or birthday)
** Zodiac or personalised verses available for a small additional charge.

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With Zoom interpretations your chart is shown on screen throughout, with the pointer indicating what is being referred to. For this reason, you may not want a printed chart of your own. But you may want to have one to refer to after the event, perhaps using it together with a copy of Understanding Your Birth Chart: (A beginners Guide to Astrology) to improve your knowledge of Astrology or if you want to just listen to the audio recording of your interpretation. If you want a printed chart, you are entitled to a £2.50 discount when a chart and interpretation are bought at the same time so you can deduct that amount from the total cost. Postage for printed charts by snail-mail is included in the price.

You can print your own chart if you wish by having it it emailed to you as a computer file. When in-erson meetings resume you can bring your own memory stick to have your chart saved directly onto it or alternatively we can provide a memory stick on which to save your chart and any recording of your interpretation. These too can be posted to you by snail-mail if you want them.

Several different types of printed charts are available, the most common being a chart printed on plain white A4 size paper. However, for an extra £1, your chart can be printed on card, making it less liable to damage. Of course if you want to really protect this map of your life, you could pay an additional £5 for it to be laminated. You can choose the colour of paper or card for your chart too. Paper sizes other than A4 are also available if you prefer something smaller or larger. Contact me for prices for these.

You might also want to have someone's chart printed to give as a present. If a chart is purchased without having an interpretation done, you will be given a voucher for £2.50 which can be deducted from the cost of an interpretation if one is wanted in the future.

Gift cheques are available too, so you could give a gift cheque for the value of a chart and an interpretation. (Remember you can deduct £2.50 from the total cost.)

When giving a chart as a present you may like to choose a Chart with a difference. Several different types and colours of specialist papers are available. Contact me for more information. Alternatively, give someone a personalised greetings card with a person's name and chart printed on the front, perhaps for a birthday card or congratulations for a new baby using the child's details for the chart. You can even have a chart drawn for a marriage and have it with the couple's names on the front of a wedding day congratulations card.

I have written appropriate verses for each of the twelve Zodiac signs, for new baby or wedding congratulations. For a small extra charge, these or personalised verses can be printed inside your greetings card. Contact me to find out more.


If you're interested in learning more about this fascinating science, I am a qualified teacher of Adult Education (Cert. FE) and would love you to join one of my courses. Currently only virtual classes are available. These are done through Zoom as not only does it enable us to hold classes virtually, there is also the option of you having a video recording of your class. Zoom tuition can be for two day workshops (the days don't have to be consecutive) or over evening classes if required.

In-person Workshops, the most common method of tuition, will be held again when limitations of movement are lifted. These are usually held in Berkhamsted, but if you have a group of at least four people including yourself, I can teach you in your own home. Go to Current Courses for overviews of the training sessions. The Training page has more information and prices. You can click here to contact Naomi.

If you attend a Workshop, whether online or in person, you will be asked for details of a birth* which will be calculated prior to the course. This chart will then be used during the course to help you learn interpretation. You can optionally take home a printout of this chart.

(*Don't worry if you don't know the time of birth. It can be found using a pendulum.)

If you want to find out more without attending a full workshop.

I also run half-day Introduction sessions which will give you basic information about Astrology. You'll be told about the differences between real Astrology and newspaper horoscopes. The characteristics of each of the 12 Zodiac signs will be explained and you can compare yourselves and other people you know with the descriptions of the sign you or they were born under. You can bring along birth details to use as examples if you wish.

At the end of the session you will have the opportunity to ask any questions which may still be bothering you.

When in-person sessions resume, Astrology Intruductions are usually held on the same day as those for Tarot and you can attend both for a reduced price. This arrangement can be used on Zoom too. (See Current Courses for more about these sessions. See Training to find out costs.

What else is available

Once you are familiar with your birth chart, you can choose from more advanced topics. These include:

  • Transits - For any given time find out how the planets in the sky are affecting you. Choose the best time to relax and enjoy yourself or clean the house; have that conversation with the bank manager or sign an important contract.

  • Synastry - Improve your relationships. Have a birth chart done for your nearest and dearest. Their chart and your's can then be compared to see your mutual strengths and challenges.

  • Progressions - Find out how you've improved and learned the lessons life has been throwing at you.

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