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Computer Training Trials & Tribulations

All the links below will take you to various things I wrote whilst I was a freelance trainer. My company name was NS Enterprises, so named because it covered both myself and my husband Nigel and could include any of the various things we were both interested in.

I started the company after being given a training assignment by Sentinel Software, who later became the WordPerfect Corporation in the UK. The reason I was called in to represent them in Inverness for the Highlands and Islands Development Board was because of my proven knowledge of the advanced features of their word processing package, WordPerfect 5.1, which at the time was a world leader.

The money I was paid for the four days I spent training in Scotland, together with a government grant, enabled me set up my own company and work as a freelance trainer. In order to improve my training skills, I went back to college and studied for a Certificate in Further Education (Cert FE).

Enough of the background - read and I hope you enjoy. Please bear in mind that, with the exception of the training article written in 1988 which was published, what I've written was just me prattling so don't expect too much from it.

Scribbles from 1988 What happened in 1994 Events of 1995 Chat from 1997
 A training article originally written in 1998    

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