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What I've Written




The links below double as a list of some of the topics I've written about. The items on offer include the full versions of short scribbles as well as some longer work.

Have a look through, read whatever you fancy, then please let me know if you like my work.

My writing Background - Where I introduce myself, make excuses for why I haven't done more with my writing and show my resolve to get published.

Computer Training - includes my thoughts and scribbles about what happened during this time in my life.

Everything to do with my mother, Hannah - includes events leading up to and including her 100th birthday parties and the Hannah’s Day events I hold every year in her memory.

My Real CV - This is a collection of small documents about what really happened at each of the jobs I’ve had.
This is a selection of Miscellanious Other Stuff which I hope you'll enjoy reading. Short Stories and Poems - I've included a selection of both. I've chosen stories of different genres to try to include things which everyone will like. There are some serious poems and some funny ones.    

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